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A Few words about us

Rainbow Talent Academy is an extension of Rainbow 4 Kids primary school. Its start is based from a current need, encountered by Rainbow4Kids primary school among other primary schools and secondary schools in the region Mombasa / Ukunda. It was observed that once the kids finish their class 8, some of the kids were able to secure chances in SECONDARY school, but the big question is what about the other talents? Where did they go?This question was answered after a carefully taken research. It dawned on us that most of the students whose parents couldn’t afford secondary education, let their kids into the society to stand and fight for themselves. These poor kids with no skills or any professional papers would end up doing odd jobs for little pay or even are being used without any salary.Sometimes they would even engage into immoral behaviors in the society like prostitution, drugs, stealing etc..

It was such a pity especially seeing small boys and girls in the street borrowing. Due this reasons and amongst many others Rainbow Talent Academy came into being.If we succeed to give these kids or young (without age limit) people some extra skills, we believe they will have more chances in life and they will be able to take a big step forward in the society.Because we are convinced they could get some decent jobs or even start their own small businesses..

We believe with the right skills this situation can be changed.


Rainbow Talent Academy is an institute that aims at nurturing talent and improving basic skills to help its students adapt to life challenges and help secure jobs related to their talents and skills taught.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to give kids / young adults some extra skills, to enable them have more chances in life to enable them have access to decent jobs or even start their own businesses with the skills learnt here.

Our Members

Founding Members


Dany Gobert
Email: dany@rainbow4kids.be

Education Support

Hugo Dhoker
Email: hugo@rainbow4kids.be

Logistic Support

Geert Neirinck
Email: geert@rainbow4kids.be


Francis Paesmans
Email: francis@rainbow4kids.be


Anny Wijns
Email: francis@rainbow4kids.be


Pst. Fred Indiazi
Email: fredindiazi@yahoo.com

Special Thanks!!

To Our Patners

Rainbow Talent Academy is the best place to nurture your talent. We have awesome facilities to make sure our students achieve their best. Moreover we are suited in a conducive enviroment for learning and practising

Our Offices

Rainbow 4 Kids Office,

P.O. Box 5715-80400

+254 721 721 600